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Disciplined Product Owner

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About this training


You want to get the most out of your product development investments and thus make the most of your adoption of Lean-Agile approaches. 

The Product Owner, as a product leader and member of the Agile team, must master, like the other members, the fundamentals of Lean-Agile as well as the practice options and tools available to him.

The primary responsibility of the Product Owner is to maximize the value of his product or solution. How to mobilize a team around a vision, common objectives linked to a strategic roadmap? How to generate a prioritized product backlog in order to drive value-based development? How to integrate an empirical process that allows constant adjustment to information and user feedback?  

This training covers the fundamentals of Lean and Agile as well as the fundamentals of Product Ownership Disciplined Agile*. It is specifically aimed at Product Owners whose responsibility is to optimize the value of the products and services under their responsibility. It addresses, in the form of theory and practice, the concepts necessary for a Product Owner to perform at his full potential within his team and his organization. It presents several concepts covering the stages of ideation, construction and deployment of solutions. We will also discuss some concepts in the context of agility at scale.

With the training, you will be able to :

  • Apply the values, principles and practices of Disciplined Agile to your organization and your work teams.
  • Apply an iterative and incremental way of working
  • Describe the artifacts, roles and work sessions of an Agile lifecycle.
  • Manage the backlog and write user stories to properly plan the delivery of your products and solutions to maximize business value.
  • Define and plan a minimal product increment to develop.
  • Optimize collaboration and make important information visible.
  • Participate in continuous improvement of your work processes to optimize your value creation flow by applying disciplined agile principles and practices.

This training is for people who :

  • Anyone who wants to improve their Product Owner skills and optimize the value of their products or services.


  • Start on the right foot in the adoption of the agile approach
    Better visualization of the value creation cycle in an organizational context

Structure and Logistics

  • This 2 or 3 day training course, depending on your experience
  • Virtual or classroom
  • Public : See our schedule
  • Private : Contact us

Special Note

All participants have secure access to our online training platform which supports the development of participants.


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