Mastering Value Delivery: Integrating Benefits Realization and Risk Optimization to Generate Value

Mastering Value Delivery
Mastering Value Delivery
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Value delivery is the foundation of successful organizational initiatives. The measure of value is always a ratio between benefits and risks; it can be financial (e.g. ROI, Profit Margin or other) or customer-based (e.g. Satisfaction of needs vs resources used, Scope and Quality vs Time and Cost). Both concepts are valid in a predictive context, but in today’s VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) environment, value is more of an adaptive balance: alignment with objectives vs achievability of the solution. 

In this course we will examine how value has become an essential organizational objective and how to balance benefits realization and risk optimization to deliver value consistently and measure it accurately. 

We will examine how benefits must be identified, agreed, delivered, and sustained; how risks thresholds, or overall risk, define the achievability of a change initiative; and see how value integrates both concepts to give managers a means to identify the solutions that will align best with the organization’s strategy and offer the best achievability factor: The Value Index. 

The seminar will use a real-life case study to show participants how to calculate the value index and use it to prioritise organizational initiatives, not only on their alignment to objectives, but also on their achievability, or overall risk. Thus, sponsors, portfolio, program and project managers will be able to draw practical methods to define, measure and deliver value to the business. 

This training is intended for:

  • Managers at all levels whose objective is to deliver value to stakeholders
  • Portfolio, program and project managers whose objective is to meet the expectations of their stakeholders
  • Agile project managers who want to understand how to deliver value in a fluid environment 

Once completed, you will be able to :

  • Define alignment with organizational objectives & strategic goals. 
  • Manage business initiatives to generate value through benefits and risk management 
  • Actively manage business value and stakeholders’ benefits on an ongoing basis

Structure and Logistics

  • 2-day training course(s)
  • Virtual / face-to-face
  • Practical exercises on a real case 

Training outline

Day 1 

  • Organizational Strategy Development and Implementation 
    • Organizational agility (Transform and Run Concepts) 
    • Mastering Value in a constantly changing environment (VUCA) 
  • What is Value? 
    • Background & basic concepts 
    • Decision making and governance 

Day 2 

  • Generating Value (Practical methods) 
    • Value Planning (stakeholder elicitation)  
    • Benefits Realization Management & Risk Optimization 
    • Organize benefits & set measures of performance 
    • Value Creation/Assessment (value index) 
    • Value Generation (delivery, transition & integration) 
  • An Integrated Framework for Value Generation 


  • 15 PDUs 
  • Training certificate
  • Discussion, real-life case studies, experience sharing 

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