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Kanban System Design (KSD)

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Kanban System Design
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Training goal

Learn the basics of the Kanban method. Experience it through a simulation game and practical exercises to design a Kanban board for a team or service delivery group. Learn how to visualize the different types of work and the associated risks.



Kanban is a method of organizing and managing professional services. It uses concepts from the Toyota Production System (TPS) and Lean Manufacturing such as the decision to limit work in progress to improve results. The "pull kanban system" is a way to keep the focus, and to reduce task switching to speed up delivery while maintaining an adequate level of quality.

For knowledge work, performed by experts in a complex field, it is necessary to visualize the workflow using a Kanban board. The visualization helps to clarify what work is in progress, priority levels, dependencies, business and delivery risks, rules that have become explicit and commitment points. The Kanban method facilitates management and allows true ownership of the delivery of

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basics, motivations and benefits of the Kanban method;
  • Apply the Kanban practices and principles for a service orientation;
  • Learn how to explain and model "Pull Kanban Systems";
  • Learn how to use the STATIK workshop to design Kanban systems;
  • Understand some usage patterns to model a workflow, job types, service classes and other elements of the Kanban system;
  • Understand how to achieve a balance between demand and deliverability.

Who is this training for?

  • Managers and team leaders
  • Facilitators, Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches
  • Members of Agile teams interested in Kanban

Formulas and logistics

The duration of this training is 16 hours, according to the following formulas:

  • 4 sessions of 4 hours.
  • 2 sessions of 8 hours.

Course prerequisites

  • All levels of experience are welcome.
  • No Kanban training or experience is necessary.

Certification path

Formation sous licence

Kanban University's training courses teach you different steps to guide you through the Kanban method and model your work using a Kanban system. The Kanban System Improvement training is offered by Kanban Quebec under license and authorized by Kanban University.

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Special Note

All participants have secure access to our online training platform which supports the development of participants.

Kanban Québec

Training outline

  • Experimentation of a workflow through a simulation
  • Introduction to the Kanban method

    • Change Management Principles
    • Service delivery principles
    • Kanban practices in everyday life
    • Systems thinking and evolutionary change

  • Case study, STATIK workshop and coaching tools

    • The motivations behind the change
    • Demand and capacity analysis
    • Kanban metrics
    • Workflow modeling
    • Identification of service classes

  • Design of a Kanban system

    • Identification of job types and service classes
    • Work in progress limits and pull flow
    • Explicit business rules and policies
    • Development of a Kanban board and tickets
    • Establishing meeting times and decision making

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