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How to innovate by putting users at the center of your decisions?
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Design Thinking - Bootcamp

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How to innovate by putting users at the center of your decisions?

Design Thinking is an approach to innovation that helps to understand who the users of a solution are, in order to design innovative products that are best suited to target customers. It's more of a mindset than a method. It is a mode of production of innovation and co-creation, with the user at the center of its concerns.

This workshop is for people who:

This training is aimed at UX/UI Designers, Product Managers (PO), Business Analysts, Project Managers and Marketing Professionals, who wish to understand and implement a Design Thinking approach in their team, with a need concrete situation of the approach.

Options and logistics

This 1-day training can be given in the form of 2 half-days. This allows participants time to integrate the concepts between sessions, to identify their questions and better put into practice what they have learned.

Training Plan

Our Bootcamp provides an experience that creates a new working mindset, focused on co-creation between experts and with users.

We are developing a culture of empathy with simple, field-tested methods.

Over one day, you will live a unique collaborative experience. Together, among participants, you will approach a problem from a new angle, reformulate it in a concrete and measurable way, understand the related user needs, co-create a prototype, prepare a UX research approach, and present your work under form of pitch to convince.

Group feedback, discussion and sharing.


Special Note

All participants have secure access to our online training platform which supports participant development.

The training is a combination of concepts, hands-on workshops and group discussions.