Here is the list of our partners who allow us to extend the range of our services to assist you in your success.

Organizational Architects

  • Lead: We help you structure your vision, mission, corporate strategy and longer-term portfolio (Horizon 3).
  • Transform: We support the development of your business strategy and your medium-term change initiatives (Horizon 2).
  • Realize: We help you implement your short-term initiatives, projects and innovations (Horizon 1).
  • Execute: We help manage operations and "Business as Usual", including culture change on an ongoing basis.
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Career Group

At the heart of executive career development, offering a unique process of skills development, coaching, assessment and advanced application techniques.

Palatine Group

Recognized leader and innovator of experiential learning programs for project leadership, project and program management, and strategic business management that help our clients build global competencies and high performance. A business simulation is the most powerful way to equip learners when real change is needed.

Simplify work.

Connect your entire organization to effectively flow work for faster project delivery times and increased team alignment.

Software + Method for maximum productivity with minimum waste, Kanban Zone strikes the perfect balance of simplicity and proven Kanban techniques to help you prioritize, streamline and complete your work faster without compromising your quality.

PMI Lévis-Québec: project management at the heart of the Francophonie in America

Founded in 1993, we are a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and adoption of best practices in project management. PMI Lévis-Québec has close to 700 professional and student members in project management, and is open to anyone with an interest in project management, certified or not.

Agile Community of Quebec

Agile de Québec is a non-profit organization (NPO) whose mission is to promote agile principles and methods. We fulfill this mission mainly by organizing monthly conferences and the famous Agile Tour de Québec.

AgileMontreal Community

Our mission: To facilitate and promote the adoption of Agile in organizations in the Greater Montreal area.

At Agile Montreal we encourage and support the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences about agile in the greater Montreal area. We are first and foremost passionate human beings, challenged by the principles of the Agile manifesto; professionals who have at heart to change the world of organizations, to make them evolve towards a more human and efficient paradigm.