Master class : Initiation to Disciplined Agile

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Master Class : Initiation to Disciplined Agile

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About this training


As a manager and leader, you work hard to be more Agile and help your teams be more productive.

To succeed, you need a few ingredients such as having the agile mindset and combining it with leadership, team management and value delivery skills.

At the same time, you need to do it in the context of your organization and its culture.

Disciplined Agile provides tools and strategies to help you lead an agile team, influence people and remove barriers. Learn Disciplined Agile in this unique master class developed as part of the PMO Global Awards 2020.

This half-day training is designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of Disciplined Agile so that your managers, leaders, and stakeholders have a basic common understanding of the key concepts related to adopting a disciplined agile approach. 

Once finished, you can:

  • Enable your leadership team to have a common understanding of the Lean-Agile foundation to guide you in decisions related to your Agile adoption efforts.
  • Understand the values and principles of disciplined agility that are the foundation of enterprise agility in order to start or reset your adoption to agile.
  • Understand the goals that guide each team through the achievement of light milestones.
  • Know the 4 views under which Disciplined Agile is organized.
  • Have a view on the interaction of major organizational capabilities such as portfolio management, product management, DevOps, release management, business
  • perations and much more in a value stream context.
  • Understand what business agility is and its complete ecosystem including Marketing, Sales, Procurement, Legal, Transformation and more.

This workshop is intended for people who :

This course is primarily intended for managers and business leaders who want to learn more about agility as well as anyone who wants to get a quick overview of Disiciplined Agile. 

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