Leading practices in program management

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Leading Practices in Program Management
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Program management is recognized as the vehicle of choice for delivering strategic objectives through projects and other corollary actions, including organizational change. The combination of program practices with Disciplined Agile now enables the successful delivery of value in complex and fluid environments. 

This course is built on more than 25 years of international program management practice consolidated in the second edition of the book "Program Management" by Michel Thiry. The course is aligned with recognized program management standards. 

This seminar provides a clear understanding of the link between the strategic objectives of the company and the management of multiple stakeholders, beyond the simple management of multiple projects. The course includes a review of the program management context, a maturity analysis and an overview of the main functions of program management: strategic alignment; stakeholder engagement; governance; benefits management; decision management and change management.  



This training is intended for :

  • Program leaders and managers responsible for implementing strategies
  • Organizational change managers
  • Project managers aspiring to manage programs
  • Managers in charge of an agile shift 

Once the training is completed, you will be able to:

  • Define and prepare the program, based on strategic objectives
  • Select the most effective actions to achieve these objectives
  • Maintain alignment of the program with Stakeholders' value  

Structure and logistics

  • 3-day training course(s)
  • Virtual / face-to-face
  • Practical exercises on a real case 

Course outline

Day 1

  • Introduction
    • Program definitions
    • Program standards and context
  • Key program functions
    • Program governance
    • Stakeholder Engagement
    • Benefits Management
    • Decision Management
    • Change Management
  • Maturity Assessment
  • Program Life Cycle
    • Results and Key Documents
    • Definition/ Formulation
    • Stakeholder Analysis
    • Value Proposition

Day 2

  • Definition/ Formulation
    • Development of the benefit map
    • Definition of measures
    • Compiling the business case
    • Definition/ Preparation
    • Design the program architecture
    • Engage stakeholders
    • Finalize program scope
  • Definition/ Preparation
    • Program architecture design
    • Engage stakeholders
    • Finalize program scope

Day 3

  • Definition/ Preparation
    • Benefits Realization Plan Activities
    • Finalize Program Plan
  • Deployment/Delivery Capabilities
    • Plan and authorize components
    • Supervise and integrate components
  • Deployment/Transition Capabilities
    • Engage stakeholders
    • Transition and close components
    • Support business integration
    • Manage adaptive change
  • Deployment/Benefits Assessment
    • Evaluating Benefits Realization
    • Transition to next cycle
    • Closing
    • Managing Program Completion
    • Conclusions
    • Develop a sustainable program framework to realize value


  • 21 PDUs 
  • Certificat de formation
  • Discussion, cas d’étude réel, partage d’expérience 

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