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Introduction to Agile

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About this training


Agile approaches use Lean concepts for the development of complex products and services. In addition to the different product development cycles, we will present the iterative Agile cycle based on Scrum, the most famous Agile framework in the world. We will cover the basics of how to drive the materialization of a product with this disciplined approach.

We teach you the agility foundations necessary for the success of your teams in an organizational context in the digital age. 

Whether it is to guide your start-up teams or to remind them of the fundamentals of Agile methods, this training day allows your project managers, teams and leaders to get the most out of the way they work. You will learn how to create an environment to achieve agility within your teams while working towards rapid value realization. Exercises, simulations and group discussions reinforce the practices learned.

Once completed, you could:

  • Apply Agile values, principles and practices to your organization and work teams.
  • Apply an iterative and incremental way of working.
  • Describe artifacts, roles, and ceremonies in an iterative work cycle.
  • Manage the product backlog and write user stories.
  • Optimize seamless collaboration and make important information visible.
  • Describe how to create the optimal environment for your teams based on your value streams.
  • Choose the appropriate practices and techniques for your work environment to continuously improve the way you work

Who is this training for?

  • This training is not technical and is intended for Team Leaders and Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Project Managers and team members who are just starting out and want to understand the foundations of Lean that are necessary to optimize any Agile team.
  • Anyone who wants to improve their skills as a Team Lead or Scrum Master in order to lead a team in an enterprise environment.
  • Anyone who is currently in a leadership or project management role within an agile team.


  • Start on the right foot in the adoption of the agile approach

Formula and logistics

This 1-day training can be given in the form of 2 half-days spread over 2 weeks. This allows participants to integrate the concepts between sessions, identify their questions and better apply what they have learned. 

This training is part of the initial adoption of Lean-Agile practices and can be combined with the Introduction to Lean training


Special Note

All participants have secure access to our online training platform which supports the development of participants.


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