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Discipline Agile Practices
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Adaptive approaches are increasingly the norm as projects and programs become more complex and their environment more volatile. Whereas most agile methodologies are IT-based and difficult to adapt to non-IT environments, disciplined agile (DA) can apply to all situations. 

DA is based on an agile mindset but is dynamic and adaptable to different contexts; one of its core concepts is to offer choice; it is “an agnostic hybrid tool kit”. DA is a framework but also a methodology to access a full range of tools required for many diverse situations and contexts; although it was initially developed in an IT context, it has evolved to cover any type of adaptive projects and is ideally suited for portfolios, programs and projects.  

This interactive seminar is examining the management of portfolios, projects and programs through a disciplined agile mindset.  

Day 1 starts at organizational level and examines how portfolio management connects programs and projects to strategic objectives in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) context. It then examines the key elements of DA that make it essential to manage projects and programs in that context using agile workflows and value streams.  

Day 2 looks at practical applications of DA to generate business value, form and manage your teams as well as key techniques and concepts like Design Thinking, Set-Based Design, Test-Driven Metrics, Self-Organizing Teams, and Value Delivery. Finally, we will go through the DA phases and processes, using examples of real-life programs and projects. 

This training is intended for :

  • Agile practitioners interested in learning more about DA practices
  • Project and program managers working in an agile environment
  • Managers who work with agile practitioners.


Once the training is completed, you will be able to:

  • Understand how DA can help deliver value through projects and programs
  • Earn to set-up a DA approach in your organization
  • Apply DA processes to make informed decision 

Formulation and logistics

  • 2-day training course(s)
  • Virtual / face-to-face 

Training outline

Day 1 

  • Agile and Disciplined Agile 
    • Current organizational context: why it is not working 
    • Optimizing the flow of communication and value creation 
  • Agile Teams 
    • Organizations as Complex Adaptive Systems 
    • Roles and responsibilities 
  • Choose your Way of Working (WoW) 
    • Flow of value in the organization (FLEX) 
    • Process Blades and (non-IT) Process Goals 

Day 2 

  • Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) 
    • DAD Phases: Inception-Construction-Transition-Ongoing 
    • Using the process goals to make decisions 
  • Understanding the Value Stream 
    • Customer centricity 
    • Creating flow across the organization 
  • DA at enterprise level 
    • Create an organization based on the scientific/learning approach 
    • DA and Business Agility 



  • 15 PDUs 
  • Training certificate
  • Discussion, real-life case studies, experience sharing 


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