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5 key steps to optimize your website
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5 key steps to optimize your website

How to adopt a user-centered approach in order to propose solutions perfectly adapted to the needs of your target customers? UX Design is a discipline based on solid research and design approaches. It focuses on putting users at the center of decisions in order to meet their expectations and satisfaction. 

This training is for people who:

This training is intended for Product Managers (PM), Business Analysts, Designers, Project Managers and Marketing Professionals, who wish to understand and implement an optimization process for their website, with a need to exchange on their realities in order to find solutions for improvement.

Structure and Logistics

This 1-day training can be given in 2 half-day sessions. This allows participants to integrate the concepts between sessions, to identify their questions and to better apply what they have learned.  

Training Plan

This training introduces the concept of UX Design in a digital project cycle, and explains how to consider it in a product creation or improvement process.

We will look together at a definition of user experience (UX), the 5 main steps of this process, the things to avoid or not to do.

We will also have a good place for exchanges and feedback on our experiences: the trainer will be able to share "good moves and bad moves" and the participants will be able to expose real cases to try to understand them together and consider possible solutions.

The training is a combination of UX Design principles, and group discussions on real cases of creation / improvement of digital solutions.


Special Note

All participants have secure access to our online training platform which supports the development of participants.


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